November 6, 2018

Asia watches Gomes impressing Luxembourg

With various players of different backgrounds and ages in its portfolio, Football Moment chose the first officially represented coach and the choice has focused in a coach who has been present in more than 20 games, more specifically 22, in the control of US Mondorf- les-Bains in BGL Ligue, the main league in Luxembourg, although he also had an offer coming from the I League of Thailand but he chose to continue in the football of Luxembourg, the only nation in which he has worked so far.

Paulo Gomes was hired this year to take command of US Mondorf after having guided a II Liga project serving Muhlenbach, a team which had its objective fulfilled, to stabilize the club in the division and it also originated an approach coming from Malaysia adding to the above mentioned offer from Thailand about which the manager revealed that “the contacts emerged from the month of February.”

This promising coach has always worked as a head coach from the youth levels to the seniors and always at the club basis, having signed a contract with Mondorf until the end of the season after expressly requesting the signings of João Coimbra, Romaric Bosson and David Silva, all in partnership between the club and Football Moment, and expressly requested his other suggestions as well as the signings of João Martins and Marwane Benamra, currently the most prominent figure of the squad.

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