Alberto Machado

Nikita sees what is waiting for him

He is used to be the protagonist since he was very young – even as a junior Nikita Korzun surprised his country, Belarus, and the World with a great goal while he was representing is national team at the U18 level through an armed shot from his own half – a moment that became particularly […]

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Asia watches Gomes impressing Luxembourg

With various players of different backgrounds and ages in its portfolio, Football Moment chose the first officially represented coach and the choice has focused in a coach who has been present in more than 20 games, more specifically 22, in the control of US Mondorf- les-Bains in BGL Ligue, the main league in Luxembourg, although […]

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(Forced) rest for João Coimbra

As part of the success of BGL Ligue’s latest match for US Mondorf-les-Bains, an important victory that allowed them to gain more distance from their opponents in the relegation places, this team from Luxembourg will have to regret the loss of a of his greatest figures for some time in the face of the injury […]

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Galician derby was a new experience for Koval

In which concerns in gaining knowledge it is important for Maksym Koval to make his way to Deportivo La Coruña, a club to which he was loaned to Dynamo Kiev, including a option to purchase, until the end of the season, where he can experience the incidences of one of the best leagues in the planet like La Liga […]

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Maksym didn’t lose time

As expected, due to the urgency of his hiring and the defensive difficulties that Deportivo La Coruña have demonstrated in La Liga, Maksym Koval was integrated into the 18-player call, the first and right away an official call-up with less than a week of training in his new team whichs makes him a way for […]

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Koval’s present will arrive later

A goalkeeper who has fulfilled this Saturday 25 years old. Not in the way that most expected because it has not been used as he wished, but still in the cold climate of Ukraine there is a hot hope coming from Maksym Koval, who in less than a month will shake the international transfer market […]

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