January 30, 2019

Nikita sees what is waiting for him

He is used to be the protagonist since he was very young – even as a junior Nikita Korzun surprised his country, Belarus, and the World with a great goal while he was representing is national team at the U18 level through an armed shot from his own half – a moment that became particularly viral in England, where this was compared to an iconic goal suffered by the former England international goalkeeper David Seaman, when, imagine, this talented young man … was not yet born, almost 24 years ago, in the final of the now defunct Cup Winners Cup that placed Arsenal and Real Zaragoza with the victory to smile for the Spaniards.

Nikita’s profile and career as a player conquished the interest of Al Fateh which was convinced by the 1.74 meter sized athlete who at 23 years old will remain connected to the club in Saudi Arabia until 31 December. A year of connection in which he intends to be a figurehead as it exhibits itself as an international A for Belarus and will certainly lead to increase its market value since it has conditions to far exceed the current 900 thousand euros evaluation by the site Transfermarkt can make believe.

The young Belarusian has watched the victory of Al Fateh and awaits to meet the premiere

The first half of the season so far speaks for itself with the midfielder having started the sporting year by participating in the qualifying phase for the Europa League in which he held the four matchs divided by two rounds of qualification and in them he got a goal assist and still had time to help Dynamo Minsk to qualify for the quarter-finals of the Belarus Cup … in detail, he had only represented two clubs throughout his career to get a loan from Al Fateh.

After he had completed six months of competition, also on a temporary assignment in his country with the colours of Din.Minsk, the transfer to Al Fateh was confirmed last Thursday and the Belarussian immediately gave himself to work in this transfer period and attended the game in which his new team added one more victory in the Saudi League – 2-0 win over Al Qadisiya – and at the stands there was a smiling Nikita Korzun looking forward to the official debut that is expected to happen next time.

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